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Miss Pareo, the bohemian chic pareo store

Miss Paréo, is a French boutique for men , the women and the children . Our shop is based on the theme of bohemian chic fashion . Our goal is to offer you light and fluid sarongs. Pareos that adopt the bohemian chic style while remaining in the codes of today’s fashion. We offer a wide choice of pareos , towels and accessories. Always updated, always listening to the latest trends and what you like.

All articles from Miss Pareo are selected and tested by our ambassadors in order to offer you quality items in compliance with our environmental and social charters. Whatever your desires, we make it our business to meet all your expectations. Patterns, fabrics, accessories, our team will always listen to your suggestions because, without a doubt, it is also you who make fashion.

Accessorized bohemian chic pareo

The sarong is the flagship item of our desires

The pareo is essential in the wardrobe of a bohemian spirit and in bohemian fashion in general. It is synonymous with travel, exoticism, sensuality. Who has not once dreamed of a lagoon and an island with white sand? We share our dream with you through our collections. Both fluid and light, it can adapt to all morphologies . That is why all the women consider the pareo to be the ultimate summer garment. Miss Pareo also shows you how to choose and wear your bohemian chic pareo in all seasons and on all occasions. Thus, summer and winter, Miss Paréo will satisfy your bohemian desire.

Miss Pareo is the reference site for bohemian chic clothing and meets all your expectations. The aim of the store is to satisfy you every day and every day you are the proof of our success.

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